10.46a.m. 电话响...


当我知道我已经把电话接起的时候是在我听到 :" i already received your document, but your document is not complete."

"har?" "i didn't receive your check'' 这时候我才完全清醒...

''har?! i put in the pocket file what'' '' really?! wait ar.. i check again.'' '' i put it together with my application form'' 心想会不会真的是不见了..

2秒后 ''OPS.. ya. i found it! but you didn't fill up completely your application form." 没有看清楚就乱讲..

''huh??? really??''   '' ya, you didn't write the easy.'' ''har? i need to write the easy? i thought it is only for those who are looking for a job?''

'' haha.. no, you have to write the easy, you should write the reason why you wan to study in the one academy, why you want to choose the course.."

''oh, sorry.. i don't know''

"never mind, you don't worry, you're coming on 19th right?"

''ya, i'm going on 19th for taking the test''

'' o..okay.. so when you come i show you the sample, so that you can just copy it.''

'' ok.. thank you..''

''so what time are you coming?''

'' hmmm... sorry.. i'm not sure yet..''

''hmm.. never mind.. you call me when you comfirm the time. but you have to come before 2 o'clock.''

'' why??''

'' because the test take 2 and a half hours to complete''

''oO.. okay.. i tell you when i comfirm the time..''

'' okay.. anythings else you want to ask?"

" ermm.. i think nothing more.. thank you..''

'' okay.''

隐约记得她开头的时候有讲关于offer letter 的..




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